Everyone can be an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

In order to improve ourselves, we pivot and iterate our methodology. From startup studio, to incubator, to sector specific incubator. Every time we pivot, we always ask ourself how can we help founder build their startup in a better way, and help them sustain long enough to reach their dream while enjoying the process in between. In the past four years, we help founders build their startups in various industries.

In any kind of industry, creative industry; property industry; financial industry; etc, we always think how to make this startup can make a difference through technology or business model innovation. A long and tough journey indeed, not only for the founders but also for us. Some of them already decide to pursue their dream in another field and shut down their startup, while some still believe this is the way.

Logo Startup KKI-01

Redefining the future of work through coworking space movement

Logo Startup KKI-06
Collective Fund

Fulfilling the needs of financial & investment management for young people

Logo Startup KKI-05
Brocode Barbershop

Bringing a new standard of customer service in a chain of barbershops

Logo Startup KKI-02
Collaborative & Lean Development

Pushing digitalization of Indonesian SME through a digital studio

Logo Startup KKI-03

Fulfilling the gap through providing alternative education in creative industry

Logo Startup KKI-04
Wordshelf Studio

Improving customer engagement through storytelling & visual development

Logo Startup KKI-07
Roti Bakar Bro

Giving new experience in street food industry through chain of food stall

Logo Startup KKI-08

Leveraging the farmer standard of living by providing alternative source of capital

Logo Startup KKI-09
Mata Ilmu

Enhancing the quality of teacher by providing access to private tutoring

Logo Startup KKI-10

Giving hope for the depressed individual through online counseling

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