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An Incubator to Develop

Future is belong to the one who build it. In our startup incubator, we helps founder focus on building four things : validated product, solid team,  scalable business model, & impactful innovation.

We run the incubation process from three to six months by providing routine guidance, workshops & bootcamp, connection & community, and facilities in Bandung & Jakarta.

Upcoming Incubation Program

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For you startup founders who have a startup idea, this program is for you. Within 2 months intensive program, we’ll help you build your product prototype that meet the demand of the customer.

Past Incubation Program (Q1 2017)

Collaboration is our name. So we partner up with institution to create an industry specific startup incubation program. Early on this year, we partner up with a social foundation “Collective”, and a business school “SBM-ITB”

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