The people enabler, the supporter, the one behind the struggle.

a short back story

It all started from a (literally) small garage in October 2013. Four entrepreneurs sitting blankly thinking what to do next after their previous startup failed. That day, they decide to use “startup” as a tool to achieve freedom, so they can keep growing as an individual without worrying about future’s welfare.

At first, they built 4 different startups. It was daring, surprising, volatile, even mind bending experience for each of them. But surprisingly, more people are attracted by their vision, join the family & build their own startup too. Now in 2019, 14 startups are living, achieving and dreaming together with Kolaborasi.

The Weirdos

A somehow assembled cofounding team and board member (si culun)


The Capos Family

An individual who work with us as a free-time partner for a specific project and activity (si pinter)

Fanie Fikri

Marketing Capo

An experienced marketing professional. He was a research executive at Milward Brown, senior conversion analyst at Acommerce, head of customer acquisition of Salestock, and last he was a VP of marketing of Fabelio. In Kolaborasi, he's an advisor for strategic marketing.

Dinda Zakiah Wahid

Human Capital Capo

A people (and employee) advocate at heart. She was a community engagement officer at, and currently work as a Project Leader in Growinc Group Indonesia. In Kolaborasi, she's a Human Capital partner for our our portfolios family.

Aldi Adrian Hartanto

Investment Capo

An experienced venture capitalist. He was an associate at Fenox VC, a head of portfolio at GnB Accelerator, a head of investment at Mandiri Capital Indonesia, currently working as a head of strategic innovation at Telkom's MDI Venture. In Kolaborasi, he's an advisor for fund raising.

Dyan R Helmy

Tech Product Capo

An experience tech product guy. He was the COO of, the CMO of, and as a chairman of, currently a president of Alkademi Karya Anak Bangsa. In Kolaborasi, he's an advisor for Tech & Product development.

The Purpose

Our Purpose is to become a family where people can develop themselves, realise their potential & recognised for their achievements while building a great business empire together.

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