The people enabler, the one behind the struggle

It all started from a (literally) small garage in October 2013. Four entrepreneurs sitting blankly thinking what to do next after their previous startup failed. That day, they decide to use “startup” as a tool to achieve freedom, so they can keep growing as an individual without worrying about future’s welfare.

At first, they built 4 different startups. It was daring, surprising, volatile, even mind bending experience for each of them. But surprisingly, more people are attracted by their vision, join the family & build their own startup too. Now in 2018, 12 startups are living, achieving and dreaming together with Kolaborasi.

The Godfathers

A somehow assembled cofounding team and board member (si culun)

Offlaner in DOTA2
Geralt of Rivia
Mhysa of Westeros
Volante of Nankatsu

The Capos Family

An individual who work with us as a free-time partner for a specific project and activity (si pinter)

Fanie Fikri

Marketing Capo

An experienced marketing professional. Starting his career as a research executive at Milward Brown, then as a senior conversion analyst at Acommerce, then as a head of customer acquisition of Salestock, and last he was a VP of marketing of Fabelio. In Kolaborasi, he's a strategic advisor for marketing strategy for our portfolio family.

Dinda Zakiah Wahid

Recruitment Capo

A political science graduate with three years of experience in the development field; with the ability to communicate and adapt promptly which then applied to further develop expertise and experience in related sphere. Previously work as community engagement officer at, and currently work as a Project Leader in Growinc Group Indonesia. In Kolaborasi, she help the recruitment process for the whole group.

Aldi Adrian Hartanto

Investment Capo

An experienced venture capitalist as professional, a part time cabe slayer at heart. Starting his career as an associate at Fenox VC, then as a head of portfolio at GnB Accelerator, then as a head of investment at Mandiri Capital Indonesia, currently working as a head of strategic innovation at Telkom's MDI Venture. In Kolaborasi, he provide advisory and support for investment & fund raising activity for our portfolio family.

Dyan R Helmy

Tech Product Capo

Experienced Chief Operations Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry ranging from digital product building, hardware, and technology education. Spent the first 6 years as the COO of, then as the CMO of, and as a chairman of

Our Purpose is to become a family where people can develop themselves, realise their potential & recognised for their achievements while building a great business empire together.

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