A Solution for Corporate Innovation Transformation

Corporates face a challenges when they want to adopt innovation. From a short-term investment paid off, long term strategy fit, to an internal buy in issue. On another hand, startup face a challenges too. They want an access for a larger market, synergy with existing market offering, and customer references.

Here, we want to help the corporate and startup synergise to create a mutually benefit business value within one year.

Do It Like Startup!

D/I Startup is a corporate innovation service, where we help corporate build their innovation capacity through internal innovation training and startup matchmaking

The goal is simple, we want to help corporate generate a real business value from their innovation strategy with a simple, easy to execute, and feasible impact for the business bottom line.

Internal Innovation Training Program

Corporate Innovation begin when the internal team buy in and understand the process. We provide a series of tailored internal innovation training for employee, from middle manager level to front liner, focus on equipping employee with the fundamental and best practice to innovate within the organisation.

Business Model Innovation Training

We help you explore the possibility of a new business model to tap in new opportunity in the emerging market

Trend Driven Innovation Training

We help you understand the current trend and shape the agile strategy to answer the fast changing market condition

Design Thinking Workshop

We help you think like startup from understanding the market, rapid prototyping, to iterate your new product

Lean Startup Methodology Workshop

We help you reshape the mode of work with a leaner and more efficient working method

Corporate - Startup Matchmaking Service

We provide a tailored service for corporate to enhance their innovation roadmap through partnership with a startup. From sourcing the startup aligned with the roadmap, creating a compelling business case, and finally on boarding a strategic partnership with a startup to achieve a mutual business impact.

Innovation Strategizing

We help you find and onboard a suitable new cofounder to fulfil the crucial role needed early on

Startup Sourcing

We help you find the team candidates and give a hands-on assistance from scouting to dealing process

Value Synergizing

We help you accelerate the team bonding and engagement in a series of tailored team exercise

Partnership Onboarding

We help you manage the job design for each of your team member to maximise the team resources and potential

How we can help your company?

First, we will understand your current business case and what you want to achieve through your company's innovation roadmap. Then, we will discuss what is the desirable business outcome that you want to create. Finally, we will design a set of activities to achieve it within one year. It' that simple.

Here are several targeted values for the company from our program :

New Product Development

We help you design a new innovative product / service relevant with the today's market trend

Innovative Business Model

We help you tweak your business model to increase market defensibility and strengthen company positioning

Revenue Stream Enhancement

We design you a tailored solution to increase the company's bottom line as a metrics

Increasing Cost Efficiency

We help you innovate so your company can also increase the efficiency of your business process

Let's welcome the new innovation reality with us!

Innovating is hard. With a tons of new startup trying to disrupt the industry & shake the status quo, corporation today is expected to move as fast as startup, innovate like startup, and most importantly, do it like startup. Let's talk & discuss how we can help you