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We continuously pivot and iterate our methodology. From startup studio, sector specific incubator, to private accelerator program. We always ask ourself how can we help founder build their startup in a better way, and help them sustain long enough to reach their dream while still enjoying the process.

Some of them already decide to pursue their dream in another field and shut down their startup, while some still believe this is the way. Here are the startups that we currently manage under our holding company from 2014 until this day


Improving the life of farmer through P2P lending for capital


Simplifying legal & corporate secretarial process for SME


Fulfilling the knowledge gap through supplementary education courses

City Plan

Help build a better cities through spatial data intelligence service

Save Your Selves

Building platform to help people with mental health issues


Building community of talent in technology through program collaboration

Brocode Barber

Bringing a new standard of customer service in a chain of barbershop


Redefining the future of work through coworking movement

Wordshelf Studio

Improving customer engagement through story and content development

Freelens Studio

Capturing moment & conveying message through video solution

Menjadi Manusia

Social platform to share the alternative perspective in the form of video content & activation

Baca PiBo

Creating digital pictured book library for toddler

Salt Inc

Modernising the salt production end-to-end supply chain

Mata Ilmu

Enhancing early education through education media & learning hub

Some of our alumni, decide to pursue their dream outside our holding company. But still, they are our family

Smile Concept Clinic

A boutique aesthetic dental clinic in South Jakarta

Fresh Farm

Improving cattle farmer through end-to-end supply chain solution

Cold Dev Studio

Developing digital solution for small business in Indonesia

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