The support that your startup need, we have it.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting stay-at-home orders and national economic downturn, many enterprises of all sizes need to adapt quickly to a new reality in which the only thing certain is uncertainty.

Your startups may have to experience team efficiency through temporary suspension or permanent termination, yet the tasks left are not going to do themselves. In these hard times, sometimes all you need is an extra pair of hands to help you pull through with less the cost.

GIG JOB = Startup Service on Demand

GIG JOB a is a short-term helper service to give startup sustainable boost to operate their daily business. We enable you to browse through our services selection of experienced and skilled gig workers with affordable prices.

With flexible workflow, hours, and opportunities to help you with your specific projects or tasks from the safety and comfort of your homes.

Service 1 : Pitch Deck Making

Whether as a tactic to raise money for an early-stage company or a brief presentation to showcase your product and services, a pitch deck is essential. We help you craft and tailor a pitch deck suitable for your purposes.

a. Create your company profile
b. Create your fundraising deck

Start from Rp2.500.000 for <15 pages of content and layout.

Service 2 : Content Marketing & Wordsmithing

Content Marketing and Copywriting go together like indomie and telor kornet. Everything from the definition of your marketing to the ways it engages its customer are crucial components for any startups. We help you find the right brand voice and add distinctiveness to your brand.

a. Social media content (non-visual)
b. Social media campaign strategy

Starts from Rp2.500.000 for 3 months of content planning.
Starts from Rp5.000.000 - R10.000.000 for (up to) 20 IG post.

Service 3 : Financial Planning & Structuring

Cashflow is king, having a strong financial structure & planning help startup manage risk and efficiency. We help you determine your startup’s financial structure and the best composition of cost & revenue element.

a. Financial Planning & Structuring
b. Bookkeeping Recap

Starts from Rp2.500.000 for 1 year recap + 3 year scenario planning

Service 4 : Graphic Design

A visual aid can help you communicate your message more clearly and effectively. From logo to web design, we can help you create visual elements for you to implement them into multiple types of media.

a. Branding (logo & brand establishment)
b. Poster & marketing kit

Starts from Rp300.000 / design item

How we can help your startup?

Gig Job is a customised service so you can choose specific support you need for your startup. Suitable for startups with an economical budget who need temporary help.

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