We move the world through one little action at a time

Future is belong to the one who build it. In our startup incubator, we help founder focus on building four things : validated product, solid team, scalable business model, & impactful innovation.

We run the incubation process from three to six months by providing routine guidance, workshops & bootcamp, connection & community, and facilities in Bandung & Jakarta.

Social Innovation Acceleration Program

For idea to prototype social enterprise founder, SIAP Bootcamp is a development program consist of 12 Bootcamps in 3 months aim to help social enterprise develop their business with sustainable impact.

  • Topics range from Change theory, Product building, to Impact assesment.
  • 12 Weekly bootcamp with expert from social enterprise.
  • Fee based program (no equity taken).
  • For social enterprise in Jakarta.

Venture Builder Private Acceleration Program

For a product stage startup, Venture Builder is an intensive 1 year long development program focus on helping startup accelerate the business growth through hands-on work support from our company (because most of the times, mentoring is not enough)

  • Choice of Support : Product development, Team building, Work Management & Network expansion (startup can pick more than one).
  • Hands-on weekly work support from our company.
  • Equity participation based program (no upfront fee).
  • For startup & SME in Jakarta & Bandung.

Do it Like Startup - Corporate Innovation Program

For medium & large enterprises, Do it Like Startup is a tailored service to help you innovate like startup. We help you through Internal Innovation Training, Community Engagement Strategy and Corporate-Startup Matchmaker program.

  • Matchmaker Service : Delivering business result through partnership, alignment, and synergy with startup.
  • Innovation Training Service : Building internal team innovation capacity through tailored training.
  • Community Engagement : Penetrating innovation community through activation program.
  • For medium & large enterprise in Jakarta.

In the past 4.5 years we graduated more than 35 startups. Some startups may die within the process, but the knowledge, experience, and wisdom collected make us believe to continuously improve our methodology and ecosystem to help startup founder pursue their dreams.

Here are some of our incubation experiment in the past..