We design the learning journey to be fun and fulfilling experience.


Incubator & Accelerator

For social enterprise founder who want to make an impact with sustainable business, SIAP will be the best place for you to learn, network, and make a difference to society (njay!)

Idea Stage - 3 Months Duration - Weekly Session - Participation Fee
For founders in Jakarta / Solo / Malang / Makassar

Kompleks Kolaborasi

Pre Incubator

For you who think about building your startup, Kompleks is the best place for you! A four sessions of knowledge sharing in casual hangout setting, where you can take a glimpse of how startup works!

Idea Stage - 1 Months Duration - Weekly Session - Free, with selection
For founders in Bandung

Venture Builder

Private Accelerator

When mentoring & workshop is not enough for you, Venture Builder is a tailored acceleration program focus on growth, where you can choose (up to) four types of support services for your startups!

Product Stage - 8 to 12 Months Duration - Weekly Session - Equity participation
For founders in Jakarta / Bandung

Do it Like Startup

Corporate Innovation

For our fellow professionals working for an enterprise, Do it Like Startup is a tailored service to help you (team, enterprise & product) innovate like startup through various bootcamp as a service.

Medium to Large Enterprise - Series of Innovation Bootcamp - Service Fee
For enterprise in Jakarta & Bandung

We always (try to) improve.

In the past 6 years we graduated more than 60 startups. Some startups may die within the process, but the knowledge, experience, and wisdom collected make us believe to continuously improve our learning methodology and approach.
Here are some of our past programs :