Kompleks Kolaborasi is your place to start and grow your startup

Are you tired of your daily job? Do you hate having a boss breath down your neck? Do you want to make enjoy live and in charge of what you're truly worth?

If you answer "yes" in any of those questions, you're in the right place.

Let's join Kompleks Kolaborasi!

Kompleks Kolaborasi is a pre-accelerator program consists of
4 "nongkrong bareng" bootcamps to accelerate the growth of your business and the development of your cofounding team.

Kenapa lu sebaiknya join jadi anak kompleks?

Semangatnya Berasa

We will invite you to work together with the folks that are highly energetic & passionate with their field of work.

Kerja Efektif dan Efisien

We will share the best practice of doing business that can help you increase your work efficiency and effectiveness.

Berkarya Sambil Bersenang-Senang

Here, we do things wholeheartedly to create an enjoyable work atmosphere to work and interact between us.

1st Step : Coba Jawab PERTANYAAN.

We're looking for a founders that have a certain traits & attitudes. Let's try your luck by answering some questions below.

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2nd Step : Mulai Saling KENALAN

Some of you will be invited to pitch and explain your idea over a coffee chat to one of our partner.

a. Pick your pitch schedule

We will contact you and give you an options of schedule to pitch your idea over a coffee meetup.

b. The first pitch

You will get 30 minutes to pitch and explain your idea to our Kompleks Kolaborasi committee.

c. The second pitch

If you pass the first pitch, you'll get 30 minutes to pitch to the board of Kolaborasi for the final selection.

3rd Step : NONGKRONG Bareng nan Produktif

If you pass the 2nd steps, let's hangout! Yap, you heard it right. We will invite you to a coffee talk, discussion and sharing about these 4 topics.

1. Mengenal dirimu sendiri

  • Learning from mistake : why startup failed?
  • Know yourself, learn to accept it, and act to improve it.
  • Understand your drive and purpose, and north star.
  • Time, energy, and self management system.

2. Memahami produk dan customer

  • Understand your target market and their behaviour.
  • Get to know the nature of your industry & trend.
  • Creating & iterating your product prototype.
  • How to get your first 100 customers.

3. Mengetahui bisnis modelmu

  • Understand your end to end business process.
  • Innovate your company’s revenue model.
  • Know the right metrics for your business.
  • How to plan for growth & scale.

4. Sedikit-banyak tau tentang investment

  • Learn about how does investment works.
  • Understand the nature of fundraising to scale.
  • How to strategise and plan your investment.
  • Building your deck & learn to pitch.

So, nunggu apalagi geng? scroll ke atas, isi form nya, and get a chance to re-shape your future with us!

Foto di sebelah adalah foto keluarga Kolaborasi sekarang (board & cofounding teamnya) yang nanti bisa jadi keluarga kamu juga.