Collaborate to Accelerate

“The More The Merrier”

As a part of a startup ecosystem, we take part in breeding the next generation of startup founder to build their dream through our incubation & community program. To accelerate the process, we collaborate. We collaborate as an entity of Kolaborasi, while also amplify it through collaboration done by our startups.

As collaboration take major part of our activity (just like our name), we collaborate with everyone from community, movement, university, other startups, & anyone, who like us, believe the future belong to anyone who build it, the entrepreneurs.

A global entrepreneurship program hold in more 150 countries in the world. We help facilitate and organize Startup Weekend in many cities in Indonesia

A national movement initiated by KIBAR who run a a program in 10 cities to breed 1000 startups in 2020. We involved as a local partner in Bandung

A national program initiated by BDigital, who want to digitalize MSMEs in Indonesia. Run in several cities, we involved as a local partner in Bandung

As one of the best business school in Indonesia, we collaborate with them in a business incubation program Greater Hub in Bandung

A community of 100+ digital startups in Bandung. We actively collaborate by holding a series of routine program to nurture & groom the community

Indonesia Barbershop Association is a community of more than 70 barbershop operator in Indonesia. We involved through our startup Brocode Barber

Coworking Indonesia Association is a community of more than 100 coworking space operator in Indonesia. We involved through our startup Freenovation

Fintech Indonesia Association is a community of more than 82 financial technology startup in Indonesia. We involved through our startup Crowde

Want to collaborate with us?

Just say Hi! We’re open to any kind of collaboration, from business partnership to program collaboration.