“I have a business idea, what should I do?”

From 10 people who have an idea, only 2 who will finally turn it into a business. Your startup will not build itself, we are here to help you build one.

Open Incubator is a 2 months long incubation program focus on validating an idea and building a product that the customer wants. With our 4 years of experience, we’re here to help you build your startup.

We help you focus on building product

We’ll have 5 offline workshops + weekly experiment to continuously explore, understand, and validate your customer, problem, and product.

We’ll help you learn from experience

Experience is the best teacher. You’ll have a new family with other 20 founders so you can learn from each other expertise & experience

We provide access to the industry

Through the process, we’ll immerse you to the industry; with new mentor, partner, community, investor, to open up new opportunities.

So.. what will you learn in this 2 months incubation program?

First, we’ll help you understand the industry…

A : Founder's Vission

First of all, understand "why" you want to build your startup
In this session, we will invite the founder to figure out “Why, How, and What” perspective as a fuel in their long and hard journey in building a startup.

B1 : What's The Problem?

Forget your idea, focus on problem.

Try to define most pain problems that you trying to solve and why those problems happen. Define your customers, and what’s their persona. Collect some data, reports, and reference that support your problem definition.

B2 : Customer Research

Collect the data to understand more
Most problems already has their solutions. The questions is that solutions works well? If not, why they can’t solve the problems. Why they need new better solution to solve the problem. With design thinking methodology, we focus on solving customer problem and have empathy on their needs. This will help you to find your value proposition.

B3 : Find Your Killer Punch

Build less on the most effective MVP
We’re not going to build a solution with ton of features. We only need one feature as your killer punch and make sure that feature can solve the problems. By understanding how a good landing page can convert from visitor to customer, we can validate the solution using a good landing page of your MVP

Then, we’ll validate the problem and need in your customer

B4 : Google Analytics

Analyze your customer habit while using your product
You never know how a person end up become your customer if you’re not having analytics installed. Its not only setup up and track, but also understanding how the flow of your customer can reach your goal and why they come to your product

B5 : Google Adwords

Improve your product visibility while validating your market
Good product will sell itself. But people have to at least got basic information about the product. That’s where Google Adwords come in. With the right setting, the right customer can be exposed to our product information, which will then validate or invalidate our MVP. Learn how to pick the right keywords and combining with trends that will bring visitors to our page.

B6 : Facebook Ads

Learn how to use FB Ads to promote your product
Similar with google adwords, Facebook ads can provide targeted advertisement according to your product segment. By understanding how to use it, we can know whether are they our right customer segment or not.

C1 : Invision for Prototype

Make your MVP work without a single line of code
MVP is not always a functional coding app. It could be a mock up with interactive flow that can make customer see and try what features that our product offer. The most important is how to understand user perspective when using our app.

Last, we’ll focus on learning from customer feedback

C2 : Getting Feedback

Capturing the customer feedback from your MVP
Most important thing when building the prototype is get feedback. By understanding the most effective way to extract insight from customer, we will able to implement the feedback on next iteration. The goal is golden rule of user experience “Don’t Make Me Think”.

D1 : App Functionality

Now, let's learn to improve your product functionality
There are many ways to build your app. Build from scratch, use open source project, or code it with your favorite framework. Our 15 years of app development experience will help you pick the right way to build your app. Always remember that MVP is about how we can learn from customer with minimum effort.

D2 : User Onboarding

Teach your customer to use your product correctly
Customers tend to explore your “shop” through the “window”, but never step in. You will learn how to bring them inside, sign up and experience your product by delivering the easiest way for them to use your app.

E1 : UI/UX Validation

Good design is a good business. Now let's be one.
Don’t make me think! That’s the golden rule of UX. Good design is good for first impression, but good UX will make your customer stay. We’ll try to cut process, make the most efficient way to achieve the goal.

What will you get in the end?

In the end of our 2 months incubation, you’ll be one step closer to run your own startup. You’ll graduate having validated product prototype and a validated customer that wants your product.

8 Workshops

You’ll have 8 series of workshops to build your idea into a product prototype that meet the customer needs.

 10 Hustlers

You’ll have a new family of 10 passionate founders so you can learn from other people experience & expertise.

2 Months Office

We also provide you with a working space for two months so you can focus on building your product while expanding your network

Tons of Network

We bring you access to a wider network of startup community, mentor, partner & investor so you can get more opportunity to grow.

Tuition Fee: Rp950.000

Few words from people who join this program

For Crowde, Kolaborasi is more than incubator, they are family. They believe in our vision and help us make it this far. Joining the family is a great decision to make.



There are 2 important things for us, collaboration and Kolaborasi. They not just help and guide us but also believe in our values and vision. A big part in our journey & family.

Wendy Pratama


Kolaborasi for me is a business community that guide the development of my business and become a good companion by providing a best practices for business



Kolaborasi is the best startup ecosystem so far that I’ve joined. Over the past 3 years running this business, this is the first big step for us to move further forward.



We believe learning from other experience and using the right weapon is key point how you can win a war. We teach you to fight, we let you learn from the warrior it self, and we show you how a right weapon can make you a survivor. Even you lost a battle, but you lost it right. You will learn from you're lost, and use it to win you next battle.

Yohan Totting - Headmaster of Open Incubator

So what are you waiting for?

Our Bandung Batch will start 6h of October 2017. We’ll only take 10 selected participants, so if you want to join this program, do it now.