Hyper Founder Programs

A. What we Do

Hyper Founder Program is a venture building program where we support your early stage business within the function of “Product Development / Team & Work Management / Go to Market Strategy. We act as a “venture partner” which is a combination of “coworker + mentor + coach + manager” that work hands-on with you to get things done.

B. What will you get?

You will get a dedicated working partner, working with the agreed time frame, who will work side by side with you & your team from planning, managing, and executing the activity needed to reach the target milestone. You will get the best practice, network, and framework that gathered in our 8+ year experiences of building an early stage business in various industries.

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We will act as your digital marketing manager which covers content strategy, graphic design, campaigns, and digital advertising.

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We will act as your CFO which covers regular bookkeeping, taxation, legal documentation, and initial hiring process at a fraction of the cost.

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