When mentoring and workshop is not enough

How many startup mentoring, workshop, and bootcamp you've joined before? Maybe more than you should. And how does it effect your startup progress directly? Maybe less than what you've expected.

Sometimes you need more a hands-on intensive support, someone to help you get things done, and a partner who're willing get their skin in the game as much as you do to push the company forward.

Building Startup Collaboratively

Venture Builder is a private startup acceleration program. Designed to accelerate the growth of product stage startup by providing a hands-on intensive support. For a digital & non-digital startup in Bandung & Jakarta.

In Venture Builder, we don't do mentoring. We will work side by side with the founders. Discussing things like a partner, get things done like a worker, and care deeply like a cofounder.

Team Hiring & Team Building

Founder Matchmaking

We help you find and onboard a suitable new cofounder to fulfil the crucial role needed early on

Team Hiring Activity

We help you find the team candidates and give a hands-on assistance from scouting to dealing process

Team Bonding Activity

We help you accelerate the team bonding and engagement in a series of tailored team exercise

Job Design Management

We help you manage the job design for each of your team member to maximise the team resources and potential

Work System Management

Workflow Management

We help you design a suitable working system to operate efficiently and productively

OKR & Milestone Setting

We help you create and manage the team OKR and measure each progress to optimise growth

Progress Tracking

We help you track the monthly progress and give insight & feedback for each development

Basic Facility Fulfilment

We help you fulfil the basic needs of facility, from hosting to office, to move things forward progressively

Product Development Assistance

Product Development Assistance

We help you strategise and develop the product and feature development milestone from prototyping to shipment phase

Product Research & Planning

Understand better the customer needs through series of validation to prioritise feature development planning

Brand Identity Development

We help you designing a visual brand identity that can represent the business nicely in visual

UI/UX Development

We help you develop and optimise your product’s user experience and usability for physical and digital product

Network & Partner Expansion

Partner Onboarding

We help you find and onboard a mentor, partner, and advisor needed in the team

Expansion Strategy

We help you design the expansion strategy to scale the business, from market to operational scale up

Pitch Deck Build

We help you build your business pitch deck and train you to pitch it for potential partner and investor

Investment Bridge

We help you get funded by connecting and on boarding the right investor, from VC to angel investor

How's this program work?

Venture Builder is a tailored acceleration program, means the startup can choose what kind of support they need from 4 activities we provide. Suitable for startup that already have a working product with some paying customer.

10 to 20 percent

The growth of startup's core KPI that we push to achieve per month, from #customer to #revenue , matched with the development phase

8 to 16 hours

The number of working hours per week that we will spend with the startup, the working day will be tailored with the founder's availability

6 to 18 months

The duration of the overall program, tailored based on the need of the founder and the development phase of the startup

5 to 20 percent

The number of equity participations that we will require at the middle of the program, tailored on the service, and it's negotiable

Who can join this program?

Founder Perspective

  • Full Time Founder. The founder have 32 working hour / week.
  • No Solo. The team should have 2 cofounding member.
  • Domain Expert. Have a relevant academic / professional / business background for at least 6 months.
  • Personal Runway. Able to live 3-4 months without payroll.
  • Residency. The cofounding team must live in Jakarta or Bandung
  • Commitment. No Major Life-changing decision for 1 year ahead (Marriage/Children Plan/Study Abroad)
  • Support System. Supported by closest circle (Family & Spouse) to do business

Business Perspective

  • Prototype Ready. Already have a working prototype / doing concierge service.
  • Paying Customer. Have 10 Paying Customer for current business model
  • Revenue Stream. The business model allow revenue scheme less than 6 months
  • Life Stage. Already run the current project at least 40 weeks previously
  • Scale Up. Opportunity to scale via Business Model or Technology Innovation
  • Pivot-able. Based on future validation, pivoting activity is an option.

Since 2018, we have 5 startups joined our Venture Builder family, working together collaboratively to achieve the goal we set together

Want to talk with them first? Contact us and we will happily connect you with them

You don't apply to join this program

Unlike other startup assistance program where you apply and get selected, here we discuss things first and see the fit between us. After the discussion, if you can see the benefit in this program for you, and we see the potential to grow your business together, then we can start to work together