We help founders build their dream through venture building program

We don't do typical startup accelerator program, we help founders get shit done.

Admit it, most startup development program are bullshit. Bunch of "mentors", tons of "workshops", minimum impact. Here, we get our skin in the game to help founders build their shit.

Building a startup is hard af, so we build a family to make it more enjoyable.

Our family is more than just a sharing knowledge and skills. We hangout, hustle and collaborate together. A family of a like-minded weirdos doing our thing & building our shit, together.

We're not a mentor, expert or coach whatsoever. We are a founder, a weird one.

And we are not an investor either. We're just a bunch of weirdos who understand startup is a lonely and hard journey. So we decide to make it worth & fulfilling experience.

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Introducing, GIG JOB, an affordable professional service to help your startup get shit done and capture new opportunity in this new normal of post-pandemic era.