We invest in people who change the way the world works.

Rizky Fadhilah

Founder and CEO at Cityplan Indonesia

Rizky sees opportunity amidst the chaotic nature of city development. Equipped with his engineering skill in urban planning, he creates solutions & new business ecosystems to help government & business plan the city better with technology.

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Ivan Lalamentik

Managing Director of LEXAR.id

As a lawyer, Ivan understands the legal industry is full of intrigue yet strictly regulated. but with his entrepreneurial point of view he found new business opportunities and swiftly pioneered a solution to the problem faced by the emerging market of legal services.

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Yohanes S.


Yohanes “Oyong” believes that farmers are the leftovers & victims of economic development. He envision a future where empowered farmer become a significant player in the industry by equipping them with technology & entrepreneurial skills

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Wendy Pratama

CEO at Lingkaran

As an architecture graduate, he built his company like he built his home. Started by building his team, as the foundation. He built a family where people can have fun, pursue their passion, do things that they want to, while achieving the common goals of providing an alternative education program for people to upgrade their life & career.

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Cofounder at Menjadi Manusia

Rhaka is able to convert his trauma of addiction and dropping out of college into a positive energy to move forward. So he understands at college into a positive energy to move forward. So he understands at heart, that business is not only about money, but more a meaningful and fulfilling way of living while helping other people to become a better person

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Founder & CEO Robonesia.ID

Firman is a resilient and resourceful educator/technocrat. He is able to withstand the ups and downs of Robonesia and able to fill multiple strategic roles to grow Robonesia. His ability to nimbly overcome many challenges further proves his spirit and versatility.

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Strategic Director of BerdayaKrui

With experience in social enterprise, knowledge about economic development, and ability as a fluent public speaker. She is able to persuade and move stakeholders from government, private investors, to local business owners and give back to the village by co-establishing a social enterprise locally owned by the village community.

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Founder of PiBo

Mayumi believes early education is the most important yet often overlooked education sector in Indonesia. Combined with her passion for visual design, she combined education & content to be accessible for parents and kids anytime, anywhere.

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