Adryan Hafizh

Expertise ranging from product development, innovation management, leadership, to multiple roles in mobile legend.
Energetic but loving, Pushing but protecting, Innovative but wise.
Adryan is the man with many solutions.

Aldi Ulaan

Expertise ranging from financial strategy, business administration, to Underground Asian pop-culture.
Joyous but governing, organized but playful, modest but infectiously positive. Ulaan is the man behind most guns.

Sutansyah Marahakim

Expertise ranging from copywriting, branding, to action figure collecting. Aggressive but fun-loving, practical but philosophical, sharp but charismatic. Sutan is the creative force of the team.

Moon Marva

Expertise ranging from marketing, organisational management, to manga connoisseur.
Calm but enthused, systematic but explorative, polite but decisive.
Moon is the neat mother with a nerd soul.

Aldi Adrian

Expertise ranging from corporate strategy, fundraising, to professional Netflix clickers.
Thorough but casual, analytical but charming, critical but knowledgeable.
Al is the trailblazer to our next step.

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