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Hassle Free Outsourcing Service to Get Things Done Better
Hassle Free

By outsourcing your management function to us, you can focus your resources & time to the most important aspect of your business : Your product & your customer

Outsourcing Service

Our experienced team will work side-by-side with your internal team. From planning what to achieve, discussing strategy on how to do it better, to executing it swiftly on day-to-day basis. You’ll get good value for money with subscription based payment.

Get things done better

Stop worrying about the low-standard output from your employee. With 10+ years of experience, our team goes beyond a good execution, but will also set up a strong foundation & robust system for each management function that we handle

Who is Venture Service for?

Starting up with small-sized team

When your employee is <20 people, your team should focus on building great product & delivering to customer. You can outsource other activities to us and get better-than-hire performance & working output.

Growth focus medium-sized team

When your organisation grow to 50+ team, your focus will be on the growth & development. You can outsource some function to us so we can set up the system & strategy for other function to support your overall company growth.

How does it works?

Stage 1

Strategize & Plan

Discuss what your overall business objectives, and define your expectations on what needs to be done in the function you want to outsource

Stage 2

Decide & Define Task

We will propose a set of task & activities to be done, and then we will discuss & define which one the most suitable for your business.

Stage 3

Track & Manage Progress

We will put all activities on a project management tools, so you can see which task is on progress and all the detailed timeline

Stage 4

Deliver & Coordinate

When the task is completed, you’ll be notified and every week you can sync up with our team to review & approve the task

Stage 5

Evaluate & Adjust

At the end of every month, we will evaluate not only the work output, but also the workin approach and find a better way to improve it.

Benefit of outsourcing


Value for Money

Pay with the budget of fresh graduates, but get a team with 10+ years experiences in handling startup.



No sick days, no paid leaves, no bad-mood day. Our worker consist of a professional team, that will always ready on duty to deliver high quality work.



When the workload increase, you don’t have to hire new person! Just top up your subscription package and get more done. Vica versa, when the workload decrease, you can shift back to cheaper package

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